Upcoming projects

I have quite a busy summer ahead of me! In addition to completing a summer class, I am preparing to conduct at my high school’s graduation ceremony. At the end of June, I will be working with Team SWAG and the concert band at the Music For All Summer Symposium at Ball State University in Indianapolis (with John Mackey as the composer-in-residence!). Shortly after, I will be working at Western Michigan University’s Seminar music camp, followed by a couple of band camp jobs. 

I have some ambitious plans for composing too. I’m finishing up some edits to a middle school band piece I wrote, titled As the rain gently falls, which I hope to have ready for publication by the end of the summer (sightreading recording here!). I’m also working on a second band piece, titled Laetata, which is a Latin word which translates to “joyous celebration.” I also have some work done toward a trumpet sonata and a brass quintet.

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