Commissioned Works

Current/Upcoming Projects:

Previously Commissioned Works:

  • By the Sea of Crystal (May 2015) – chamber winds, Kevin Gabrielse and the Godfrey-Lee High School Band, Wyoming, MI.
  • The Pride of St. David (2017) – Grade 2-3 concert band, Byron Coulter and the St. David Bands, St. David, AZ.
  • Christmas Parade Medley (November 2016) – Grade 2 marching band, Quinn O’Donnell and the Rio Rico Hawk Marching Band, Rio Rico, AZ.
  • Tusq (2017) – for tuba and string quartet, Nimrod Ron and the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.
  • Sibling Rivalry (January 2017) – for flute and trombone, Angela Collier-Reynolds and Patrick Reynolds
  • Madagascar Mashup (2017) – for marching band, Eau Claire Public Schools, Eau Claire, MI.
  • Prelude, Allemande, and Galliard (2017) – Kickstarter commission project, led by Calabasas School, Rio Rico, AZ; St. David School, St. David, AZ; and John A. Sutter Middle School, Winnetka, CA
  • Welcome to the Hawk Parade, 2017, Marching Show, Rio Rico HS, Rio Rico, AZ.
  • Zombie Attack! (2019) – consortium, grade 1.5 band
  • Secret Mission (2019) – consortium, grade 0.5 band
  • Mt. Wrightson March (2019) – consortium, grade 3 band