Consortium Opportunities! – Band and Choir

I’m excited to announce the launch of two new works – one for band, and one for choir. See details below.

Band Consortium – Grade 3-3.5 work:
I’m starting a new band work in 6/8 time, inspired by the sunken city of Port Royal, Jamaica. The area, notorious as a wealthy pirate haven, was struck by a series of disasters which eventually sunk the city under the ocean. The work starts with a pirate song, followed by the disaster striking, and the sinking of the city. In the end, you can hear a pirate hymn from the submerged ghosts. The working title is “The Sunken City.” The buy-in for ensembles is $50. Use the form below to register your intent to become a member of the consortium.

Choir Consortium – for SA/piano, and SATB/piano
I’ve long been a fan of the elegant and lyrical poetry of Sara Teasdale. Her works are in the public domain in the US. As such, I’ve started a piece using the poem “The Winter Blue Jay.” It’s a beautiful secular poem inspired by winter imagery and romance. The buy-in for choirs is $30. Use the form below to register your intent to become a member of the consortium.

Use this link to officially express interest in these works. I look forward to delivering them this summer, for use in fall and winter concerts! Regular updates will be sent to respondents as the projects proceed.

Fanfare in a Blue Pilu (2020) – for trumpet septet

Fanfare in a Blue Pilu was inspired by my love of the music of Jimi Hendrix (specifically, the Hendrix Chord) and the postminimal fanfares of John Adams. The title refers to the scale used, the raga Pilu, although I derived the scale from the opening harmonic idea: the Fdim/F7 polychord which sounds quite bluesy.

The work was commissioned and performed by Brandon Dicks of the Rhode Island Recording Ensemble. Dicks, a doctoral student at Arizona State University, commissioned a series of trumpet ensemble fanfares to support composers through the pandemic; he performed and mixed all parts for the premiere recording.

Preview score (concert pitch, unedited).

Purchase here for $30