10997446_514919238650676_9084356597189902477_nMy name is Jason Taurins, and I am a recent graduate of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI, where I earned a Bachelor of Music in Education in 2015. My trumpet teachers were Dr. Stephen Jones and Scott Thornburg. I am also a freelance composer with an interest in writing for young band students, chamber music, and chamber brass music. I am currently based in southern Arizona, where I teach middle and high school band, choir, and chamber music. I am also a graduate student at the University of Florida, pursuing my Master of Music in Music Education degree.

In my time at WMU, I studied composition with Dr. Lisa Coons and Dr. Richard Adams. I participated in masterclasses and took lessons from composers such as John Mackey and Dr. Scott Boerma. I worked with several other composers during my time at WMU, including Brian Balmages, Robert Sheldon, Quincy Hilliard, Phillip Sparke, Larry Clark, Jack Stamp, Sean O’Loughlin, and Steven Bryant. My music has been performed throughout the United States and Europe, as well as Taiwan.

Jason’s music has been recorded by Dr. Angela Collier-Reynolds (flute) and Patrick Reynolds (trombone); and Olivia Jageurs (harp) and Ray Hearne (tuba). Upcoming recordings will be completed by Dr. David Bohn (clavichord); Nimrod Ron (tuba and string quartet); and NMSU Professor of Tuba Dr. James Shearer.

As an avid musical miniaturist, I also created the Minute of Music Project to support new music for trumpet, and to promote composers. I have also written for the project, and several other miniaturist groups. Current calls for scores include the call for solo B-flat trumpet, and for the bassoon/trumpet duo I created, Trumpetoon.

My music is characterized by a preference for clarity of texture and a unique melodic style. My music is acoustic, eclectic, diverse, post-modern, and I try to avoid being pretentious. I am often inspired by great works of literature and poetry, and I try to convey the melodic and rhythmic qualities of words and their individual letters in my music (sometimes using the crypto-serial technique of Neal Endicott). I try to avoid boundaries and rules. I have a love for odd and dissonant sounds, such as the interval of a tritone and quartal harmony. As such, my music often modulates to radically unrelated keys. I am comfortable writing in a variety of techniques, including atonal music, and I absolutely love modes (usually Lydian and Dorian). I try to push myself as a composer with each piece I write, and as such, my current catalog is quite diverse. I usually write for myself, and hope the audience and performers enjoy it too. I’ve been fortunately successful in this regard so far!

In my solo trumpet pieces, I try to push the performer a bit without necessarily writing only for virtuoso performers (in fact, I prefer writing for younger musicians, which is a completely different challenge! I also try to write pieces I could play, since I often perform them.). I also like to push the boundaries of the sounds which the trumpet can produce, sometimes by combining extended techniques such as flutter-tonguing over a trill.

What is Klangfarbenmelodien Music? I am affiliated with ASCAP both as a composer and a publisher (because I am self-published). I wanted to choose a more interesting publisher name than “Jason Taurins Music,” so I chose a fun word. “Klangfarbenmelodien” is a German word which means “tone color melody” or “timbre melody.” It refers to the compositional technique of splitting a melody between several instruments, and is the musical equivalent of pointillism. Anyway, I just chose a fun-sounding word for the sake of joining ASCAP.

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