Abendlied – Josef Rheinberger

Rheinberger was a Romantic era composer and organist. I first came across his Abendlied (lit. evensong, or evening song) a few years ago, and was utterly charmed by its rustic and yet utterly beautiful and sophisticated sound. Its use of imitation harks to the Renaissance. The text of the original is from Luke 24:29, which invites the listener to join the narrator for rest, as the evening has come and the night awaits. I have several arrangements available, listed below.

Trumpet Ensemble: $19.99
Brass Ensemble: $19.99
Sax Sextet (SAATTB): $19.99
String Sextet (2 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos): $19.99
String Orchestra: $29.99