Three West African Folk Songs (2016) – for Grade 1.5 Band

Check out my latest publication! I arranged three folk songs from West African countries.

Score Preview. Buy here!
1. L’abe igi orombo (Nigeria)
2. Iro ye (Benin)
3. Fanga Alafia (Ghana)

The Acoustic Whole-Tone Scale

I’ve been working on an exciting new project lately, and I think I’ve come up with a pretty neat idea for a scale to use. It’s a hybrid scale, consisting of a hybrid scale + a mode of limited transposition. Behold, the Acoustic Whole-Tone Scale! Perhaps I’m just coming up with a pretentious title for an octatonic scale with an extra note in it. Or an acoustic scale with an extra note. =P

It contains the notes of the Acoustic (AKA Lydian-Dominant) scale and the whole-tone scale, hence the name:
C D E F# G G# A Bb C (or perhapsĀ C D E F# G Ab A Bb C)

acoustic whole tone scale

See below the notes of the two scales it is a hybrid of. Or is it a hybrid of a hybrid?